The Feed In A Drum® Dairy Program is designed to provide the nutrition your herd needs at various times during the production cycle. The Feed In A Drum Dairy Program supplements are designed to provide the supplemental energy, protein, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain proper body condition, milk production and enhance reproductive performance and forage utilization.


See The Feed In A Drum product recommendations for each of the following dairy cattle feeding applications

A The Feed In A Drum Supplement for each phase of the production cycle.

Dairy Cattle Feeding Applications: Product Recommendation:
Dairy Calves Weighing Less Than 400 Lbs. Calf Grower
Dairy Replacement Heifers Range 30 MF
Pasture 30
Spring & Early Summer Pastures MinLic®
Dry Dairy Cows Dairy DryLic® LS
Dairy DryLic® SPL*
Dairy Fly Control N-20 IGR
Fescue Balancer IGR
MinLic® IGR
Range-Mag 21 IGR
High Mag 20 IGR
FlaxLic® IGR

* Available in certain markets only.