Product Application

Drylic SPL is carefully formulated for non-lactating dairy cattle. It is essential for maintenance during pregnancy and preparation for calving. This unique supplement is second to none when compared to other low-moisture blocks. This block is the product of a state-of-the-art patented process that provides a unique 24-hour feeding system. Drylic SPL is an exceptionally dense block that will give you the most for your money.

Here’s how:

  • Economical: A low feeding rate of 0.75 lb/head daily means lower feeding costs (on a per head per day basis).
  • High Mineral Fortification: This supplement is mineral and vitamin fortified eliminating the need for additional free-choice minerals, resulting in typical supplemental feed cost savings of 5¢ to 8¢ per head per day.
  • Weather Resistant: The patented, “continuous flow” system creates a low-moisture, exceptionally dense block that maintains its integrity even in hot, humid weather or precipitation.
  • Minimal Labor: Drylic SPL is easy to feed. Simply place the block in areas of easy access to cattle.
  • Returnable Steel Tubs are self contained supplement feeders that are environmentally friendly and eliminate the expense of additional feeding equipment.

Features Of Drylic SPL

Drylic SPL is an important addition to the diet of non-lactating, pregnant dairy cattle. This supplement contains up to 200% of the new NRC nutrient requirements for trace minerals and is highly fortified with vitamins A, D and E.

Some of the outstanding features of Drylic SPL include:
  • Higher levels of vitamin E and selenium help reduce duration of mastitis and are known to help prevent mastitis and incidences of retained placentas as parturition nears.
  • Calcium and phosphorus increase bone density and strength, especially during the latter part of gestation, when most mineral deposition occurs, as well as reducing the risk of milk fever in early lactation.
  • No salt added, which helps prevent edema before parturition.
Cows eating out of Blue Drum

Feeding Directions

Provide free choice as a supplement to non-lactating dairy cattle at the rate of one block for each 10 to 15 head. Place blocks in each lot or pasture near areas frequented by livestock, such as watering locations, shade or loafing areas. Cattle normally consume approximately 0.75 pound per head daily. Consumption may vary depending on climate, grazing conditions, condition of livestock and/or availability of other feeds. In situations where climate and/or other factors result in consumption less than 0.75 lb per head daily, intake of supplement can be increased by providing additional blocks per pasture or lot. Provide access to fresh water at all times.

Limit salt intake to no more than 1 ounce per head daily.

Replacement Heifer Program

Include The Feed in a Drum® Range 30 MF in your Replacement Heifer program. The Feed in a Drum® Range 30 MF is performance fortified with essential nutrients to support growth, reproductive performance and forage utilization.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein, minimum 14.0%* Iodine, minimum 30 ppm
Crude Fat, minimum 4.0% Manganese, minimum 2,400 ppm
Calcium, minimum 2.0% Selenium, minimum 10.6 ppm
Phosphorus, minimum 2.5% Zinc, minimum 2,400 ppm
Magnesium, minimum 0.50% Vitamin A, minimum 135,000 IU/lb
Potassium, minimum 2.5% Vitamin D, minimum 27,000 IU/lb
Cobalt, minimum 6.0 ppm Vitamin E, minimum 1,350 IU/lb
Copper, minimum 600 ppm

* Crude protein in DryLic SPL contains 14% crude protein (not more than 7% as non-protein nitrogen).