The Feed in a Drum supplements are manufactured with a new state-of-the-art patented process that makes a more consistent and more uniformly mixed free-choice product. The Feed in a Drum supplements are more resistant to inclement weather and are more heavily fortified to provide essential nutrients to support reproduction and enhance forage utilization. Most importantly, The Feed in a Drum blocks are widely known for their ability to minimize supplemental feed costs.

Forage quality and availability will drive daily consumption. The typical product intake is 3/4 pound per head per day. Product consumption will most likely increase when lower quality forages are fed and decrease when higher quality forages are fed. Low cattle intakes can be brought to normal by adding more blocks to decrease animal competition and increasing the available animal licking surface area. Always follow recommended feeding directions.

Always feed at a rate of one block for every fifteen to twenty-five head. Place a minimum of two blocks in each pasture near areas most frequented by cattle, such as watering locations, cross trails, shaded or loafing areas.

Yes! Most low moisture blocks have a tendency to get soft and sticky in the heat of spring and summer making it difficult to control correct nutrient intake and supplemental feed cost. The new patented process of The Feed in a Drum blocks make a unique, harder block that remains firmer even in the hottest, most humid weather conditions.